• As Electron Microscopy tools have advanced in capabilities, so to has the world of nanotechnology and new materials development.  Practically no field of science has not seen advancements in knowledge as a result of nano-material developments.  Nano-materials play important new roles in improving or altering a materials mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, and magnetic properties.

    Scanning Electron Microscopes are used for many types of work in Material Science research, development and quality control.

    • Use of carbon nanotubes for material property alteration
    • Graphene implementation in a variety of products
    • Polymer science use of carbon nanotubes
    • Nano-particle implementation in coatings and paints

    The SNE-4500M Plus with its 5nm resolution and 150,000X magnification is a great tool for basic analytical imaging of materials utilizing nanoscience technology.

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