EBIC is an analysis technique used primarily in the SEM in semiconductor and LED research. EBIC allows for buried junctions and defects to easily be imaged and analyzed, as well as the ability to examine minority carrier properties.

EBIC and cathodoluminescence depend on electron-hole pairs creation in the sample when the electron beam interacts with it.



Small footprint software-controlled amplifier box Current-sensitive (Transimpedance) EBIC Amplifier (TIA)

Internal rechargeable battery for ultra-low noise image acquisition

Battery level indicator on controller and in software. Recharges like a cell phone

AC or DC coupled amplification

Maximum of 10-9 V/A gain for low-signal detection

Software controlled from Waviks’ TIA application running on touch-screen tablet PC (provided), or on microscope PC

Amplifier output (+/-10V) directed into BSE imaging input on SEM

Software selection of EBIC or BSE imaging modes

All functions (Battery, AC/DC coupling, gain, bandwidth) are software controlled

Custom electrical feedthrough provided for shielded access to EBIC signal

Custom EBIC sample holders available on request for different package types