All of the microelectronic devices we enjoy and depend on today would not be possible were it not for electron microscopy systems such as SEM, FIB, e-Beam Lithography, TEM and more.  The Semiconductor industry is replete with all type of electron beam tools for inspection, fabrication, and testing of integrated circuits and the products made using them.

Scanning Electron Microscopes are used for many types of work in Semiconductor research, development and quality control.

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging inspection
  • Inspection of Vias or Through Silicon inter-connects
  • Inspection of Wire Bonding
  • Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits
  • Development of Display Technology – LCD, LED, ISP
  • Advancing Photo-Voltaic Device (PVD) technology
  • Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

The SNE-4500M Plus with its automated 5-axis stage is a great tool for basic failure analysis and inspection of semiconductor devices.

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Example images from a variety of application areas are provided to demonstrate a small portion of  Tabletop SEM capabilities.  Our technical staff is happy to advise you and demonstrate the suitability of SEM to address the needs of your analytical requirements and sample types.