User Friendly Interface and Smart Tabletop SEM

Brand-new for 2023, the SNE-Alpha improves upon our existing lineup of tabletop SEMs by bringing optimized user convenience and improved, ultra-clear resolution.

  • Software updates to five convenient automatic features make it easier to conduct analysis.
  • New features, such as particle size analysis and 3D rendering expand the range of potential user applications.
  • Faster vacuum speeds enable users to conduct rapid sample analysis and provide the very best performance at any given time.
  • With a 40% dimension reduction in physical size, the SNE Alpha is our most convenient tabletop SEM for users with limited working space.

5nm Resolution, 250,000x Magnification, Best-in-class stage navigation functionality

  • High-precision navigation movement with an error rate of less than 5 um
  • Standard, one-of-a-kind 5-axis motor stage

Faster sample preparation time

  • Vacuum 90 sec, Venting 15 sec
  • 50% reduction in vacuum time

A compact design with more powerful performance

  • 300(W) x 465(D) x 600(H) mm
  • 40% smaller than previous models

A new third generation of software

  • A new user interface with focus on user ease and convenience
  • An enhanced automatic shooting mode
  • A wider range of scalability
  • Ability to scan larger areas
  • Accurate 3D rendering

Five-axis motorized system

  • Faster and more accurate sample positioning with approximately 5 um precision

Improved user convenience

  • Automatic capture of navigation images
  • Automatically vacuums when the door is closed


Five nanometer resolution

  • Experience 5 nm resolution: 250,000 times magnification higher than current best-in-class tabletop SEM
  • Precise control of lens allows for optimal image capture without damaging samples


Save Time Preparing Samples

The average of other similar

  • Vacuum release: 180 sec ↑
  • Vent :120 sec ↑


  • Vacuum release: 90 sec ↓

· Vent : 15 sec ↓

Compact Design

Uses less installation space thanks to its compact, well-laid-out design

  • 40% dimension reduction compared to previous models
  • With its more space-efficient configuration, the SNE Alpha can be installed in the smallest of laboratories with ease.
  • 300(W) x 465(D) x 600(H) mm

Intelligent Software

A new, third generation Nano-Eye
A dramatically enhanced interface

  • Capture images with ease with a new and improved UI.
  • With optimal adjustability, results can be viewed 60% faster than previous software.

Upgraded automtic functions

  • The newly added Auto-Gun-Align allows users to capture images with ease.
  • The enhanced Auto Focus enables users to pinpoint and capture desired images.
  • Large area scans are required for turning large samples into images and analyzing them.
  • Allows a larger area of the sample to be selected that could not previously be captured in a single SEM image.
  • The function of large area scans enables both automatic image capture from multiple locations within specified areas and the analysis of wide areas and high resolution research.

3D rendering

  • Inspect and analyze surface roughness of samples with ease and comfort with our newly equipped 3D rendering functions.


  • EDS
  • Raman
  • Cathodoluminescence
  • EBIC
  • EBSD