SNE-4500M Plus Tabletop SEM

Premium High Resolution Tabletop SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

The most advanced and full featured Tabletop SEM available incorporating a fully motorized 5-axis stage with navigation camera for easy sample positioning. The SNE-4500M Plus is the only tabletop SEM with a variable aperture providing similar resolution to full-size floor model systems with “live” magnifications up to 150,000X.  The EDS take-off angle has been improved from the prior model 10 degrees to an efficient 20 degree angle further increasing the systems ability for elemental analysis.

Additional features such as variable spot size control allow for the most flexible imaging as well as optimal x-ray generation for EDS analysis.  The SNE-4500M Plus comes standard with both Backscatter (BSE) and a true Everhardt-Thornley Secondary Electron (SE) detector as well as both standard high vacuum and a low (charge reduction) vacuum mode.  The 1 kV beam energy can be used to produce brilliant images of non-conductive biological samples even at high vacuum with NO sputter coating required.

The SNE-4500M Plus goes beyond the performance of traditional tabletop SEM’s and is capable of similar functionality of lower end full-size SEM systems.  Having more features than any other Tabletop SEM offers– the SNE-4500M Plus is simply the most advanced compact SEM in its price range.

Advanced options available:
EDS Elemental Analysis – Cooling Stage – Anti-Vibration table


Imaging Performance




Magnification (Live)

SE and BSE Imaging

Multiple Imaging Detectors

1 – 30 kV

Beam Energy

Convenience and Ease-of-Use

Stage System

X,Y,Z,R,T (5-axis) – Motorized

Tilt Assist Position Indicator

Beam Shift: 150μm

Navigation Camera

Low Mag Color Image

Click to Move or Center

Coordinate Recipes

Auto Setting

Start (Filament Saturation)

Focus / Stigmator

Brightness / Contrast

Viewing Modes

Secondary Electron (SE)

Backscatter Electron (BSE)

Dual View SE/BSE Multi Display

Specimen positioning is achieved via movement of the fully motorized 5-axis stage (XYZRT) using the on-screen navigation window, stored coordinate recipes or a joystick. No other tabletop SEM in this class offers this capability.  A wide variety of sample holders are available to accommodate any type of sample.  The software offers the novice user a simple and clean interface free of clutter while the more advanced user can easily access features allowing further control of the microscope functions.

The software interface incorporates additional information for stage positioning, tilt assist and sample coordinate memory.

SNE-4500M Plus SEM Software User Interface

Visit the SEM software page for VIDEO demonstrations and further details on software functionality.

Secondary and Backscatter Electron image comparison

With the intuitive software, users are able to view and save either SE and BSE images or as a composite image combining both SE+BSE as shown below.  This composite image provides a great tool for investigative analysis by offering both topographical (SE) and composition (BSE) information in one single image.


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Anti-Vibration options

Sample Holders

Calibration Standards

Specifications for SNE-4500M Plus

    5nm (30kV, SE Image)
    8nm (30kV, BSE Image)
Accelerating Voltage
    1~30kV (1/5/10/15/20/30)
    Variable - 30 / 50 / 50 / 100 micron
    Variable e-Beam Spot Size
    Secondary Electron Image(SE)
    Backscattered Electron Image(BSE)
    4 Quadrant BSE - full on/off control
Electron Gun
    Pre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
EDS Take-off Angle
    20 degrees
Automatic Functions
    Auto Start, Auto Focus
    Auto Stigmator, Auto Contrast & Brightness
Magnification (Live)
Magnification (Saved)
    > 500,000X (theoretical - see explanation in FAQ)
Image Capture Sizes
    5120 x 3840
    2560 x 1920
    1280 x 960
    640 x 480
    320 x 240
Image Formats
Image Annotation
    2-point length
    multi-point length
    angle measurement
    diameter measurement
    area measurements
    arrow/rectangle marking
    text annotations
Stage Traverse
    5-axis System (X, Y, R, Z, T - Motorized)
    X, Y-axis : 40mm
    R-axis : 360°
    Z-axis : 0~40mm
    Tilt-axis : -15~90°
    * Image Shift : ±150μm
Navigation Camera
    Optical Color Image of Entire Sample
    Click to Move or Center
    e-Beam Position Indicator
    Tilt Assist Mode
    Coordinate Recipe Memory
Maximum Sample Size
    80mm in Diameter or XY
    50mm in Height
Vacuum Modes
    High Vacuum (Conductive)
    Low Vacuum (Charge Reduction)
Roughing Vacuum Pump
    Rotary Vane Pump (standard)
High Vacuum Pumps
    Pfeiffer HiPace Turbo Molecular Pump
Main Unit
    390(W) x 380(D) x 560(H)mm, 88kg
Controller Unit
    390(W) x 325(D) x 560(H)mm, 37kg