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Simple Lease Financing for Tabletop SEM

NanoImages has teamed up with Crest Capital to provide our customers with various simple leasing options to support the acquisition of new equipment. About Crest Capital Established in 1989, Crest Capital has always been about consistency. It has provided the funds that help businesses grow in hassle-free financing options for small and medium-sized ventures. At present, Crest Capital offers vehicle, software, and equipment leasing and financing, with loan amounts that range between $5000 up to [...]

MIPAR Image Analysis

MIPAR Image Analysis NanoImages has partnered with MIPAR to provide our customers with exciting and innovative image analysis options for maximizing the usage of acquired electron microscopy images for analytical purposes. In line with this, we are giving a free one-year subscription for every purchase of any Tabletop SEM – particularly the SNE-3200M or SNE-4500M model. About MIPAR MIPAR Image Analysis is an industry-leading algorithm development and image analysis software company. They specialize in [...]