Simple Lease Financing for Tabletop SEM

NanoImages has teamed up with Crest Capital to provide our customers with various simple leasing options to support the acquisition of new equipment. About Crest Capital Established in 1989, Crest Capital has always been about consistency. It has provided the funds that help businesses grow in hassle-free financing [...]

Cell Diagram: Looking at the Structure of Cells Using Electron Microscopy

When it comes to scientific, technological, and medical progress, electron microscopy (EM) has proven invaluable. Its use has ably equipped scientists all over the world to broaden their understanding of life and the environment.  To date, it’s the only technique with an adequate resolution for localizing proteins to small membrane subdomains [...]

SNE-3200M Tabletop SEM


Standard Resolution Tabletop SEM with 3-Axis XYR stage, 15nm Resolution, 30 kV

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SNE-4500M Tabletop SEM

SNE-4500M Plus

High Resolution Tabletop SEM with 5-Axis XYZRT stage, 5nm Resolution, Variable Apertures

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Bruker Xflash EDS

Bruker XFlash EDS

Xflash® 630 EDS for Tabletop SEM with 30mm² SDD and Esprit Compact software

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Sputter Coaters for Tabletop SEM

Sputter Coaters

Sample Preparation for Non-Conductive specimens in Tabletop SEM

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What is a “Nano-Image”?

Early Scanning Electron Microscopes used photographic film to capture images and they were referred to as “MicroGraphs”.  Today, modern SEM’s are able to peer into the “nano” world to see structure and features as small as a few nano-meters.  Thus, “micrograph” no longer seems a fitting term.  We call the captured images from our microscopes – “Nano-Images”.

Since their re-introduction to the microscopy market around 2005, Desktop SEM’s or Tabletop SEM’s as they have come to be known, are now widely considered a highly useful, microscopic analytical tool.  They are utilized by many research and quality assurance laboratories.  Companies and research groups that previously, would have never thought to acquire a full-sized SEM due to the cost, infrastructure and specially trained personnel required to operate them, are now finding Tabletop SEM systems to be a cost effective solution capable of providing the imaging, morphological and elemental analysis capabilities they require while simultaneously being very easy to use by multiple members of their technical staff.

A desktop scanning electron microscope can be used for imaging and microscopic analysis of biological, inorganic and man-made materials.  All Scanning Electron Microscopes utilize a focused beam of electrons to scan the surface of a sample to collect a 3-dimensional image. Imaging detectors allow surface or topographical analysis (SE – secondary electrons) as well as composition analysis (BSE – backscatter electrons) and elemental chemistry analysis (EDS – energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy).

Unlike conventional, full-size scanning electron microscopes with large chambers, critical vacuum requirements and stringent ambient requirements, a Tabletop SEM can easily sit on a desktop or lab bench in a standard lab or industrial environment right beside other analytical instruments with no special requirements.  The only utilities required are standard AC power and a small, quiet roughing vacuum pump.  No special cooling, air conditioning, or foundation is necessary.  When users wish to reach the highest magnifications, a simple anti-vibration table or support might be advisable due to ambient conditions in some environments.

Applications for SEM include Life Science (Biology, Forensics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical) and Material Science (Semiconductors, Geology, Metallurgy, Nanotechnology). These compact Tabletop SEM’s are also used when portability is required to take the analytical tool to the sample and obtain reliable imaging and other analysis on-site.  Many labs using full-size SEM systems and busy core electron microscopy centers, are finding these small Tabletop SEM’s very useful for reducing backlog or for pre-checking a sample to locate features of interest prior to using valuable time on much more expensive systems.

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