Minus K Anti-Vibration Pad

The stability of the system is only as good as the environment that you have the system. In most “stable environments,” the SEM can perform on its own up to 5,000X-10,000X magnification with no real vibration present. If magnifications above this are needed, or the environment that you plan to house the SEM has a lot of vibration, we recommend the:

Minus K Anti vibration Pad



The BM-8 bench top platform offers 10-100 times better performance than a full size air table in a package only 4.6 inches tall, and without air or electricity!

This vibration isolation platform is extremely easy to use and offers extreme performance. It offers a 1.5 Hz or lower horizontal natural frequency and our signature 0.5 Hz

Vertical natural frequency. There are only two adjustments.

They can also be made cleanroom and vacuum compatible.