Active Vibration Isolation Platforms

The DVIA-T Series Active Vibration Isolation Tables or Platforms (or Anti-Vibration Tables as they are sometimes called) have the best performance of any system in its class while still affordable compared to all other active vibration solutions.  With standard features like Auto-Leveling, Real-Time Vibration Monitoring and No Compressed Air Required – you will find the DVIA-T an invaluable accessory that will significantly enhance and improve any vibration sensitive instrumentation allowing you to gain the maximum capability for your microscope investment.

If you plan to acquire images over 50,000X, an Active Vibration Isolation platform is an invaluable accessory to suppress ambient vibrations from affecting your images allowing you to get the highest performance from your SEM system.

For less demanding requirements, our free-standing table is custom sized for the SNE-3200 and SNE-4500 SEM systems.  This table provides passive air vibration isolation at a much lower cost.  A compressed air source is required for this table.