MIPAR Image Analysis

MIPAR Image Analysis

NanoImages has partnered with MIPAR to provide our customers with exciting and innovative image analysis options for maximizing the usage of acquired electron microscopy images for analytical purposes.

In line with this, we are giving a free one-year subscription for every purchase of any Tabletop SEM – particularly the SNE-3200M or SNE-4500M model.




MIPAR Image Analysis is an industry-leading algorithm development and image analysis software company. They specialize in extracting measurements from complex images in an accurate, efficient, and reliable manner.

Their image analysis software offers an easy-to-use user interface, drag-and-drop custom algorithm development, and a comprehensive deep learning toolkit.

MIPAR assists in the implementation of advanced algorithms that save time and money while boosting accuracy and supervision over results. They provide clients with an end-to-end solution that meets their specific project needs when combined with expert consultative services.

Their diverse portfolio, which includes life and material sciences to aerospace and manufacturing solutions, can assist with an extensive range of real-world applications.

Speaking of applications, the following are some of the applications wherein MIPAR has facilitated automated solutions:


Materials Science

The field of Materials Science and Engineering usually refers to the two-pronged approach of understanding the different mechanical properties of sophisticated materials and applying that knowledge to address global challenges in manufacturing and technology. It is the result of a collaborative effort involving numerous interconnected schools of thought – biology, chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, and many more.

Through MIPAR Image Analysis, algorithmic image analysis in the field of materials science is now possible. With unrivaled expertise in specialized algorithm development for complex image analysis, they’re able to satisfy specific project objectives ranging from nanoscale fiber thickness measurements to metallic grain size measurements.

The following are some of the sample types that the expert Materials Science software can be utilized:

Life Science
Life science is a multidisciplinary field of study that involves all living organisms, including non-cellular entities that can significantly impact life as we know it. Life science studies focus on an extensive array of organic structures, from sub-microscopic infectious organisms to entire ecosystems. It’s truly a cross-disciplinary research effort to preserve and better understand life on our planet.

MIPAR Image Analysis supports the analytical needs of the life science imaging community with its powerful software that helps improve and accelerate the visualization and measurement of organic microstructures.

Thanks to being at the forefront of the algorithm and image analysis software industry, MIPAR is uniquely positioned to deliver custom software packages for a wide range of cell imaging objectives. Included in this list are fluorescent staining, wound healing assays, and bacterial colony counting.

Further, life science imaging is often concerned with visualizing the invisible through fluorescent stains and sub-microscopic imaging techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Specific applications of life science imaging include:

Electron Microscopy
Phase Contrast and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
Petri/Well Analysis

Drone Imaging and Surveying

Drone imaging is an increasingly powerful instrument with far-reaching applications that allow far easier surveying of objects and landscapes from an aerial perspective.

Through aerial imagery, a unique perspective is made possible and is only limited by the maneuverability of your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and the optics at your disposal.

One of the core markets of MIPAR Image Analysis is surveillance imaging via UAV. In addition, they are the preferred algorithmic analysis solutions provider for drone imaging applications that continuously pushed the limits and have extended beyond the visible spectrum.

Nowadays, drones have proven to be a key contributor to the next generation of remote sensing and aerial photography, with an extensive number of existing applications across rural and urban environments alike.

The selection of drone imaging applications being catered to includes:

Remote sensing
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