MIPAR Image Analysis Software

MIPAR Image Analysis Software

MIPAR is a revolutionary image analysis software, capable of identifying and measuring features from nearly any captured image from an Electron Microscope or Optical Microscope.  MIPAR Image Analysis software uses recipes from an extensive on-line library or custom created as part of the software subscription.  Recipes allow processing similar images very quickly and consistently.

NanoImages has partnered with MIPAR to offer this highly useful software to our customers packaged with their Tabletop SEM.  A brief overview is provided here but interested viewers are encouraged to explore the MIPAR website at length where you can try your image for free, get a demonstration and more.

MIPAR is specifically suited for demanding applications.  See the MIPAR Recipe Store for more extensive list but some examples are:

  • Particle Sizing, Morphology and Shape

  • Porosity and Pore measurement in Foams

  • Fiber Diameter Distribution

  • Filter and Fabric Porosity

  • Grain Structures in Metals and Composites

  • BiModal particles in Metal Structures like Titanium