Industrial Linear Accelerator

  • All-in-one Structure system for easy installation & space-saving, simplifying cabling
  • Advanced energy selection for wide range of applications and samples
  • Adjustable operation scheme
  • SEC Industrial Linear Accelerator
    LINASEC® Linear Accelerator System is designed for special Non Destructive Testing (NDT) applications and for usage in scanning devices for cargo and vehicles inspection at ports and borders. LINASEC® System is All-in-One system, which includes all necessary components, the Linear accelerator, RF industrial generator, high frequency modulator, HVPS, shielding, power supplies, interfaces. SEC’s accelerator product line consists of a broad range of S-band accelerators providing a variety of doses, energies, and focal spot sizes. For security application that requires material decimation, SEC offers dual energy interlaced accelerator at 6MeV and 9MeV.
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Description  Product Name SM03 SM06 SM09 SK15
Generator  Energy(Photon) 1/2/3 (MV) 3.5/5/6 (MV) 5/6/9 (MV) 9/15 (MV)
 Dose rate 0.25/2/3 (Gy/min-m) 2.5/5/8 (Gy/min-m) 6/10/30 (Gy/min-m) 50/140 (Gy/min-m)
 spot size <2 mm (FWHM)
 Operating Frequency  2998 ± 2 MHz(π/2-mode)
 RF Power & Source 3.1MW (Magnetron) 5.5MW (klystron)
 RF Pulse Length 1~5㎲ 5㎲
 Beam Pulse Length 1~3.5㎲ 3.5㎲
 PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency) Up to 300Hz
 Beam Flatness ≥72.5%@±7.5° ≥62%@±7.5° ≥55%@±7.5° ≥45%@±6°
 HVL(in) 0.91 1.1 1.18 1.25*
 Radiographic Quality Range(mm) 38~203 51~254 76~381 254~460
Power  Electrical Power 380VAC 3Ø
 Current 50A/18A (TCU)
 TCU Pressure(Operating) 4~6 bar
 TCU Temperature(Operating) 15~40°C
Environment  Storage temperature 10~40°C
 Humidity 10~85%
 Protection class(IP rating) 66
 Leakage(fraction) 1 x 10-3

LINASEC CIS 9 & 6 (Cargo & Vehicle Inspection system)

 General Specification  Type  Electron Linear Accelerator
 Nominal Energy  9 MeV(6 MeV)
 Scanning Principle  Container or Vehicle is transported via conveyor through X-ray Scanning system
 System Specification  Inspection Throughput  10 trucks / Hour (Maximum)
 Minimum Crew Requirement  1 Image Operator, 1 System Operator & 1 Check in Operator
 Max. Dose Rate  30.0Gy/min-m(8Gy/min-m)
 Spot Size  ≤2 mm
 Penetration(Steel)  430mm(340mm)
 Detector Specification  Type  Linear Diode Array
 Photodiode Size  4 x30(mm)
 Vertical Detector Pitch  4.6mm
 Crystal Type  CdWO4
 ADC Depth  18bit
 Vertical Structure  Curved
 Image Processing & Hardware  Image Analysis  Contrast & Edge enhancement, Filters, Marks, Annotations, Histogram Equalization, Review of Image, Image Conversion to standard format, Object measurement, Zoom & window images, Brightness & Contrast change, and etc
 Data base workstation  SQL Database
 Hardware  Dual-Core CPU at least 2.3 GHz, System memory
at least 4 GB,  Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card.
 Radiation Protection Safety  Safety Area(WxL)  20 x 38(m)
 Surveillance  Video Surveillance six color CCTV
 Regulations  In compliance with WHO, ICRP 103
 Dose in the environment  Less than 1 uSv/hour
 Health & Security  Dose in the environment  Less than 1 uSv/hour
 Dose rate in operator cabin  Less than 1 uSv/hour
 Building Features  Building Parts  Scanning building, Operators premises, Technical rooms & Spare parts storage room
 Installation footprint  20 x 38(m)
 Scanning height  4.7m
 Others  Education & Training  Technical training to be provided for 1 year(2 persons) by KAERI(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)